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Lutz Marten: Contexts of claiming digital space for African community languages

Jonathan Morris: New Media and Welsh-language Socialisation among Young People

Jonathan Morris_New Media and Welsh-language Socialisation among Young People REFERENCES



Merryn Davies-Deacon: Facebook as a potential site for non-standard Breton

Polina Fomina: The status of the Breton language in Franc and in the world

Shân Miriam Pritchard & Natalie Lloyd Jones: The Welsh language within the digital age

Gertrud Reershemius: Autochthonous Heritage Languages and Social Media Writing and Bilingual Practices in Low German on Facebook_Article

Irene Russo & Claudia Soira: Digital Language Diversity on New Media the DLDP Survey about European Minority Languages Speakers

Susanna Sacks: WhatsApp Poetics The Structure Style of Chichewa Poetry Groups on Whatsapp

Mohamed Azmy Mohamed: Towards a community media achieving Multilingualism: NubaTube Channel