Minority Languages in New Media: Towards language revitalisation in Africa and Europe

British Association for Applied Linguistics/Cambridge University Press Applied Linguistics Seminar Series

Aston University, Birmingham

27-28 April 2017

This seminar is intended to identify and discuss emerging trends in the study of minority languages in new media and technology. This includes the ways in which minority languages are supported through their presence in new media, and how minority language users are making use of their languages in digital landscapes traditionally dominated by global languages such as English.

The seminar will highlight research which are currently being undertaken into the minority language contexts to establish what the current pressing issues and emergent ideas are, and to highlight how current research into minority languages can provide new ways to address the preservation and revitalisation of minority languages.

The seminar will focus on the active participation of doctoral students and early career researchers, bringing together individuals who are currently involved in researching contemporary issues in minority languages.

Download our programme here: BAAL-CUP Seminar 2017 Minority Languages Programme

Seminar registration is open until 31st March

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